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Outside – 070 Phi

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Outside – 070 Phi
🔥01. Love Is Love
😴/🔥02. Solitude (Intro was meh)
🌊03. Good Contracts
🔥04. Lunch Lines
🌊05. Club Compromise
🔥06. New Designer
👎🏾/🔥07. Family Ties (Dont Disrespect Nas Like this)
🔥08. Slumdog Millionaire
🔥09. Outside
🚒10. Off the Porch
Project is the fucking truth. This project has it all, storytelling, raps, homage, new age type tracks but all done right, with emotion, risk taking, and again raps. The production follows right with it, he did exactly what he had to do on fire beats to make fire music. All the passion can be heard, the quality is very high, but you can really care the care in his craft and sound. Its inspiring. Project is special, it has some flaws but that happens with risks and trying things. Other than that tho the rest of this is a must listen.
John D.
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