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Done and Dusted – Earl Jay

Done and Dusted – Earl Jay
? 01. Way Up (Beat slides)
? 02. Talk Show (Singing is not you thing)
? 03. Take Over (Feat. Rapture & Brillow Brown)
? 04. YW&f
? 05. Blessed
? 06. Sexy (The Hook is WACK)
? 07. Falling (Feat. Dominka Hugi *she wasn’t good either)
? 08. Broken
? 09. Ride On (He can’t find the pocket to save his life)
? 10. Bottom Up (Feat. Rapture)
This project is basically someone who has been told he can kinda sing his whole life attempt to shoot his shot at the Hip-Hop thing, and it was a brick. The production was a miss for me, Homie can’t find the pocket. His delivery and cadence lack tremendously. His hooks are wild annoying. It just wasn’t good. “I’m Done and Dusted”.

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