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Preludes – Nomad

Preludes – Nomad
?01. Feral
?02. Livin’ It
?03. Put your feet up (Im never putting this record on repeat)
?04. Athens In Mordor
?05. End of The Beginning
(Instrumental Section)
?06. Feral (sax is wild annoying)
?07. Livin’ it
?08. Put you feet up
?09. Athens In Mordor
?10. End of the Beginning
Im not counting you instrumentals section in this review. I rated them just because I wanted you to know that your production was good. But no great. Your raps on the other hand made me want to throw my head against the wall, I could hardly hear you over the beats, which says a lot considering homie had doubles on each track. Please take this back to square one.

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