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Preludes – Nomad

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Preludes – Nomad
🚮01. Feral
💤02. Livin’ It
🆗03. Put your feet up (Im never putting this record on repeat)
🚮04. Athens In Mordor
🚮05. End of The Beginning
(Instrumental Section)
🚮06. Feral (sax is wild annoying)
👍07. Livin’ it
👍08. Put you feet up
🆗09. Athens In Mordor
👍10. End of the Beginning
Im not counting you instrumentals section in this review. I rated them just because I wanted you to know that your production was good. But no great. Your raps on the other hand made me want to throw my head against the wall, I could hardly hear you over the beats, which says a lot considering homie had doubles on each track. Please take this back to square one.
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