Bunker – Briti$h x Count Drankula

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bunker – Briti$h x Count Drankula

?1. Join Us f. Sloth
?2. My Life
?3. Go Get It f. El-Emcee
?4. Keep Up
?5. Never Know f. Vania Lima

Warning this is coming from a person who is black and loves where hip hop is going with White Rappers, Viewer Discretion is advised. Let me start this review right……. just quit. The nasally whining high pitch voice shows god hates you. I’ve had more fun getting kicked in my balls by a 4 year old than ever listening to any song with your vocals in it (ad libs included). Now for the features sloth I know is on xans (big problem down south). The others werent that bad. Brit has some lines but then that shit goes out the window once he keeps the verse going. The beats are actually really good all have a cool snap to it, but I’m not a production guy I’m a product guy and this overall is not good. So I guess I’m going to be that guy and say no.



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