Iridescence – BROCKHAMPTON

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Iridescence – BROCKHAMPTON

?1. New Orleans
?2. Thug life
?3. Berlin
?4. Something about him
?5. Where the cash at
?6. Weight
?7. District
?8. Loophole
?9. Tape
?10. J’ouvert (no need to scream we could hear you)
?11. Honey
?12. Vivid
?13. San Marcos
?14. Tonya
?15. Fabric

Project is pretty mediocre, production is wild and made me wild uncomfortable at times, there was just way to much going on, bars are bottom rack at the bar. Listening to this project is like suffering through a warm beer… im gonna finish it but i want a cold one next time



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