Guess What ? – G Perico

Guess What ? – G Perico

🎞️1. Guess What (intro)
🌊2. Mo Power
👍3. All Nighter
👎4. Wit The Gangstas
👎5. Play Wit It f. kalan, frfr, & Garren
🌊6. What You Thinkin
👍7. How You Want It

This ep is ok it’s has some ok catchy tracks, sound straight out of the west with his style. From the production down to his style and pattern. The EP is cool some might like all his shit but I felt a few songs just didn’t hit with me. The ones that did those were very smooth on sound and even what he was saying didn’t sound out of place. It all flowed very well. Only if all the songs had that energy but I will give the 🍊 stamp on this one




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