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Lost Pages EP – Dustin Nelson

Lost Pages EP – Dustin Nelson

Lost Pages EP – Dustin Nelson

👎🏾1. Reflection f. Nadia Pries
👎🏾2. Honestly f. Alone I Walk
🆗3. School Bell f. Alone I Walk
😴4. Begging

Project is frail. Everything but the raps was either dope or just good. Now the dude had substance for sure but the flow, the delivery, and his cadence were as stiff as Keanu Reeves’s Kung Fu. Production was clean, the people singing on it, features and even him singing definately couldve carried these songs into mainstreamville but when you hear him jump in, it just doesn’t fit comfortably. It screams “my homie told me i should rap” like very beginner in his delivery. It really hurts what sounds like couldve been a solid ep. A rerecord with some adobo sauzon or lowrys in the booth could bring this to life. Till then, ima put this with Becky’s potato salad.
John D.

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