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Ain’t Shit Funny – Q Money

Ain’t Shit Funny – Q Money

🚮1. Better than me (Compression saves lives homie)
🚮2. Neat
👎3. Countin’ Up a check
🚮4. Fly Chanel
🚮5. Flight
🚮6. Aint shit funny
🚮7. Ghost
🆗8. Streetz baby (feat. Key Glock)
🆗9. Lord knows
🚮10. If you mad
🚮11. Basement
🚮12. Be

Id rather rub my ears with the sand paper then have to struggle with having to listen to another “trap rap” album. This is the same “fuck ya bitch” “Sell something” shit everyone can do, production is boring as fuck. Please make rap great again and stop paying clowns like “q-money”



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