Studiofeen – Stix Side Music

Studiofeen – Stix Side Music

💩1. Don’t say you will
🆗2. Cake Feat B Wall
🚛3. Give it to me
💩4. Tell me
🆗5. Get to the paper Feat B Wall
👎🏾6. Doing our thang
💩7. Too premature Feat SB
👍🏾8. Twisted Feat B Wall
💩9. Someone to luv
👎🏾10. Pop another
🚛11. The box Feat B Wall
💩12. Heavywormer
💩13. 🤢🤮Nastyman
🤜🏾💤14. Your type Feat K-rystal
🆗15. Bossman
👎🏾16. Pussy got me Feat Mali
🚮17. Why these hoes
💩💩💩💩18. No my nigga
🚛19. I blows it down
🚮20. Letting you know
👍🏾21. Talk to the

First of all this is way to many tracks, worse part to many of trash tracks as well. I can separate the bad production from lyrics, but the verses were all meh. I think I might be a B Wall fan tho. This whole album was creepy I didn’t get why he used some beats on such horrible verses. I guess you can call me DJ Khaled cause this albums gets a red stamp “Another one”
1/10 – Barrett


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