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Tempo – Phoelix

Tempo – Phoelix

Tempo – Phoelix

💤1. Due time (feat. Nemo)
🆗2. Pluton
🚮3. Sett;e down (feat. Dax)
🆗4. Sole
🆗5. Bag (Feat. Jean Deaux)
💤6. MSG
💤7. Trival Pursuit
🚮8. Drip
💤9. Bathsheba
💤10. Misshery
🚮11. Brainwash
💤12. Toll
🆗13. Sultan
👍14. Taranphoeno (Feat. Smino & Jean Deaux)
🆗15. Ice Cream (feat. Elton Aura)
🆗16. Fake the Funk
🚮17. Dirty630
🆗18. Predictable

This project is boring as shit. to explain this as simple as I can… Get the newest A$AP album (which was terrible.) Throw it in a metal trash can and shake it up and the sound that make is what this was for me. Don’t waste your time… I did that for you.

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