Dat Drip – Trillville

Dat Drip – Trillville

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dat Drip – Trillville

?1. Check Say
??2. Thought This Was
?3. Better Be
?4. Say Less
?5. Kickin Sauce
?6. Face Down
??7. Get It Together (Remix)
?8. Get Out (Remix)
?9. Gang
??10. I Need All That
?11. Playa Ish
?12. Last Joint
?13. Heavy f. Flow 187
?14. FUTB
?15. Get a Bag
?16. Come Down

Project aint bad at all. Some risks here and there but overall good music. Production is nice it all works. I was vibing, the smooth tracks shined, needed more like track 1 and 11 but thats fine too. Raps were smooth, nothing crazy but all fit, some of them singing songs can kick rocks overall it was a nice listen, some tracks higher in replay value than others. Projects mad long tho, thats def not a good thing. In rotation tho.
John D.


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