What’s Different ep – Sway

What’s Different ep – Sway


What’s Different ep – Sway

?1. Judas
??2. Never the One
?3. What’s Different
?4. In the Moment
?5. Back 2 You
?6. Soul Food / Last Call


Project has its ups and downs. Starts off cool, hes rapping a bit doing his thing nothing crazy, and then bam he goes full on plugins/effects singing on dragging simple slow beats to close it out. It drags and gets a bit boring. Tho he can rap and has a lil flow and cadence, it just wasnt enough to fully win me over. The potential is here for sure but the pacing kinda made it a little forgettable, maybe if it was more spread out couldve flowed a bit better but it is what it is. somewhat in rotation.
John D.


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