Cheers – Toast

Cheers – Toast

Cheers – Toast

🎞️1. Picking Up The Pieces (skit)
🆗2. Nothing
👍3. Grand Entrance
🎞️4. Amateur Night (skit)
🆗5. Ted Dibiase
🎞️6. Ladies & Gentleman (skit)
💤7. Vibes
👎8. Maple Syrup
💤9. One Of Those Nights
💤10. Euphoria
👎11. Ashelys Story
🎞️12. Ashely (skit)
🆗13. Clouds Freestyle
👍14. Tranquility
🆗15. Something Special

This is one of the ok’st projects I’ve listened to in a minute the tone is so melodramatic I started to doze off right around the middle. Some of the songs are to similar and seem to bleed into eachother. The beats are ok some of the vocal audio isnt mixed fully tho so you can hear him breathing on the mic occasionally other then that I didn’t hate it but this project certainly won’t be getting any extra spins from me.


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