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The Grl. – Bre-Z

The Grl. – Bre-Z

The Grl. – Bre-Z

👍🏾1. Flexed Up
🆗2. The Grl.
🆗3. All I Know
🆗4. Uh Uh f. Iman
🚮5. Bag on the Way
💩6. Swang
👍🏾7. Commona
😴8. Hope it’s You
👍🏾9. Take Care
🌊10. How It Feel f. Robbie Celeste
👍🏾11. Tied f. RaVaughn
👍🏾12. Dear Diary

Project was ok, honestly tracks woulda been better if she wasnt autotune singing up a storm. That shit took away from the entire first half of this project. She can rap her ass off and the production was wild strange but kinda worked. Its just when she went full new age and yuh yuh yuh shit brought the value down dramatically. To sum it up track 5 is her singing at its worst, but track 10 is the product of if she does her thing and lets someone else sing. In rotation tho.
John D.

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