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Throwing Stones At Glass Houses – Atomikk

Throwing Stones At Glass Houses – Atomikk

Throwing Stones At Glass Houses – Atomikk

🚛1. Traffic Jam
🌊2. The Ends f. Manic Pixie Dream
👍🏾3. Jaded (SKRTT SKRTT’ING 🤣)
🆗4. Cigarettes (Hook saved it lowkey)
👎🏾5. SSDD
💤6. Neptune f. Lexi The Lexiconist
👎🏾7. Bad Tidings (Interlude)
🌊8. Honestly
💤9. Left In The Dust
🚛10. Do Or Die
🚮11. The End Of The World f. Tyrique Jackson
🎼12. I Believe
💤13. 27 Club

Project isnt good but I get it. Dude has words and substance I also can see the picture he was trying to paint its just it was with crayon by someone who is familiar with crayon but not good with em. The songs where you use the autotune effects, huge no go, nothing against it, just saying you dont need it and are using it wrong. Production was nice, smooth dark creepy had a dope mix. The raps tho, the lines words and such were there but the delivery for the most part lacked comfort and conviction. It threw the songs off honestly most of the time to the point where some things sounded so uncomfortable i hated it. Not your voice, the delivery. Small adjustments and I see you doing numbers cuz i recognize the passion. Till then, pass.
John D.

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