Smoken Word – Slurry X Wzrdblvk

Smoken Word – Slurry X Wzrdblvk

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Smoken Word – Slurry X Wzrdblvk

?1. Smoken Word (That end singing fucked it all up)
??2. Fall Semester
?3. Visions
??4. Freelance
?️5. 333
??6. Do It

Project is a bit weak, with a dash of boring. The potential is here 100% its just the pacing and variety that miss for the most part. Very new age, but experimental which should work but it falls a bit short. The production is the most interesting part of this project honestly. Raps are uninspired, singing is hit or miss song structure is a bit off and the quality is not great. Project is like unsweetened tea, weirdos might like it, but normal people wonder why it exists while also knowing that it could be good if it had a little sugar.
John D.


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