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From Me 2 U – Nebu Kiniza

From Me 2 U – Nebu Kiniza

From Me 2 U – Nebu Kiniza

👍🏾1. Memories (Hook is 🔥)
👎🏾2. All in
🆗3. Ready for it (This hook is also 🔥)
🆗4. Top Down
🆗5. Pressure
🆗6. Don’t Like Me
😴7. Little Havana
🆗8. One Love
😴9. Heart Away
😴10. Don’t
🆗11. Phone Call
🌊12. Sun Up

Project is bubble gum. Someone ran my pockets while i was listening to it and I apologized to them. Overall I didnt love this project but something about it stopped me from hating it. He is softly swag singing and rapping all over it. Hes not saying shit but he has some hooks at times, some melodies and lil flow changes but each song kinda mix n matched, they never fully came together. The production is like high quality ice cream truck music, so depending on the weather and mood it can kinda get your attention for good or bad. Def not for me but not bad either.

John D.

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