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No Cosign Just Cocaine 2 – Ty Farris

No Cosign Just Cocaine 2 – Ty Farris

No Cosign Just Cocaine 2  –Ty Farris

👍🏾1. The Recipe
👍🏾2. Tyrant Talk
👍🏾3. Premium Drugs f. Rigz
🌊4. Dopefiend
🆗5. A Pimp And A Pistol
🔥6. Cold In The Streets f. Recognize Ali & WateRR
🌊7. Where’s The Growth
👍🏾8. Let It Run f. BUB ROCK
🔥9. I Chose You f. CONWAY
🔥10. Eric Vanderslice Sent A Beat
🌊11. Let the Pain Sing
🌊12. Might Need Therapy

Project is dope, some of the production is a bit weak and takes away from the raps, but good lord there are lots of raps in this. every feature did they thing but this dude is literally rapping for dear life. Hes got bars, a dope ass cadence, his delivery is on point and its good to hear that old school cold ass detroit style. Project is straight to the point, not too cohesive but still its very consistent. Not a bad track on here. Def wanna see him on less simple looping production (or more of that Vanderslice shit, shit bangs) def a new fan. In rotation.
John D.

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