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There Is Hope – Yungveli

There Is Hope – Yungveli
There Is Hope – Yungveli
🆗1. They Ain’t Ready (ft Notorious N.O.V.)
👎2. It’s My Time (ft Taqwanda Jones)
🌊3. See You Dance (ft Dame Hossana & Rich Haven)
🔥4. I’m All That
🔥5. We Living Life (ft Tre’von)
🆗6. Make Money
🆗7. Somebody Help Me
👍8. I’m Just Trying to Live (ft Naawdwomo)
🚒9. That’s What It’s All About (beat is flames)
🔥10. Lavish Life (ft Naawdwomo)

This is a solid project the production quality is on point the Billy Joel sample on track number 9 is bannanas. The songs that got lowerish ratings are a little repetitive and I honestly had a little bit of a hard time paying attention to them the hook/singing on track 2 was trash tho. everything else is pretty much flames tho. He could definitely have some staying power with this level of quality keep up the good work bro.

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