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🆗1. no idea f. ALLBLACK
😴2. bamboo
🚮3. crystal f. SOBxRBE
🚮4. bblu f. Cuban Doll
😴5. nirvana
👍🏾6. thrive
🔥7. woke
🔥8. holding on f. Jess Connelly
🆗9. don’t rush f. Dom Kennedy
😴10. same squad
🌊11. steak sauce f. SENOJNAYR

Project is strange. Production varies from dope to corny. This dude switches from Steve to Stefan Urkel real quick. Honestly its because of the prod, hes smooth overall but it only works on some tracks. Features really didnt do much for him. Overall this project is a roller coaster of like corny west coast club gangster tracks, to smooth “I am a fan of drake’s music” type tracks that really work for him. Hes got the catchy thing going just should focus on what works for him, the versatility thing puts this project at war with itself.
John D.

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