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Loyalty Over Love – OMB Peezy

Loyalty Over Love – OMB Peezy

Loyalty Over Love – OMB Peezy

🆗1. Venting Session
👎2. Hell
🚮3. Deeper Than You Think ( Feat. OMB Iceberg)
🔥4. Its whatever (feat. Paper Love) *Beat bangs
🚮5. Proud (feat. Mozzy)
🚮6. Yeah Yeah (feat. TK Kravits)
🚮7. How I move
🆗8. My dawg
👎9. Rain
🚮10. You know *cool autotune bro….
🚮11. Been through
🚮12. Mind of Overkill

This project is exactly (because I did the math.) 35 mins and 13 seconds of my life I wish I was able to get back. But due to modern science… thats impossible. Anyways this project is pretty awful, His voice is basically like a spoon in a blender. Im highly disappointed the producer’s let you touch some of these beat.. You basically Ole Yeller everything in your way.. not a nice follow up after you last dumpster bucket release..

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