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Hive Mind – The Internet

Hive Mind – The Internet

Hive Mind – The Internet

🌊1. Come together
🌊2. Roll ( Burbank funk)
🌊3. Come over 
🌊4. La Di da
🌊5. Stay the night
🆗6. Bravo
🔥7. Mood
🔥8. Next time / humblepie
🔥9. It gets better ( with time)
🌊10. Look what you started
🌊11. Wanna be
🌊12. Beat goes on
😌13. Hold on

This project is SMOOTH… I truly enjoyed every aspect from the band to the vocalist (besides track 6 wasn’t feeling the drums) . It felt good listening too. Gives your ears a nice soulful listen that should definitely be given a bump.
Side note: this is sample heaven for producers.

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