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20flaw7 – Flawless Real Talk

20flaw7 – Flawless Real Talk

20flaw7 – Flawless Real Talk

🔥1. From the fire
🌊2. Dope
🔥3. Bodies 
🚒4. Big Deal (JESUS)
🌊5. Look around
🌊6. Survival
🔥7. S2s
🆗8. Bloody Murda
🆗9. Monster
🆗10. Know better
👍11. Sumo
🆗12. Telling Me
🆗13. Hate it or love it
🔥14. Angel
🔥15. Angel 2
🔥16. Angel 3

Project is overall a good time, He shows that he is versatile in more than one element of hip hop ( Event tho I wasn’t feeling it at times.) Production was SLAPS and there some really solid choices in samples throughout. Raps are there. Just didn’t like the “light skin segement” you had going on. But to each there own.

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