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Krauzer Rick – Krauzer Rick

Krauzer Rick – Krauzer Rick
Krauzer Rick – Krauzer Rick
🎬1. Intro
💩2. No Soy Tu Average Joe
🚮3. What You Wanna Do
👎🏾4. I’m The Shit (Beat Bangssssss)
💤5. Hasta La V
😴6. Legend
😂7. Krauzer Rick
🚮8. Don Ricky
👎🏾9. Fugazi (This hook is a good time)
🆗10. Lonzo
💤11. In The Field
💤12. 100 Pounds
🚮13. Birds
🆗14. Dennis Rodman
👍🏾15. Jump *Bonus Track*

Dude cant rap for shit. Production was cool for the most part, also very random at times, everything sounded clean, but this man doing his worst French Montana impression on every track was trash at its purest form. Had 1 or 2 hooks that worked but honestly nothing else. Whole project was written in crayon. Idk if he just took this whole new age swag too far or he just is like this. In the words of the great Kirk Lazarus “You never go full retard”
John D.

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