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Late Nights, Early Mornings – Fendi P

Late Nights, Early Mornings – Fendi P
🎞️1. Intro
🆗2. Dance with the Devil f. Mary Gold
👍🏾3. No Weapons Formed Against Me
🆗4. Dayton’s & Rollie’s f. Curren$y
😴5. Gifted
💤6. Magic
😴7. Pull Up
👍🏾8. Lil Baby f. Tracksmith
👍🏾9. Wit My Left f. Lil Wayne
😴10. Strap f. T.Y.
🔥11. Jukebox
👎🏾12. Weed and Weave f. Curren$y & Project Pat
🚮13. Radar
🚮14. Spend Some Money
👍🏾15. Took My Love

Project is boring. Dude raps like a 14 year old who watched and studied the wire. The production is ok but he doesnt bring anything to the table. His features all did, but not enough to save the songs entirely. 1 song he does spazz on but other than that if he wasnt being boring tryna explain his gangsta he was just existing on decent and varying production. Project is forgettable.
John D.

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