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Trap Native 2 ep – Poodeezy

Trap Native 2 ep – Poodeezy

Trap Native 2 ep – Poodeezy

🌊1. Gang
🆗2. Thought i Told You
👎3. Smoke Signals 
👍4. Addiction
👍5. Working On It
🆗6. No obstacle ft preston harris

Quick and straight forward. The songs were catchy, dope, and showed us he can carry a beat. He did showcase some catchy rhymes and rap style. In all i liked it and its something i enjoyed listening to in my car short and sweet. Nothing to make me hate but not anything to make me not listen to his music if i came across it. On a side note i know they first song inspired the same song called ASAP Gang by mr Rocky him self. Check it out.

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