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TA1300 – Denzel Curry

TA1300 – Denzel Curry
TA1300 – Denzel Curry
🌊1. Taboo l TA1300
🔥2. Black balloons | 13lack 13alloons
🆗3. Cash maniac | cazh maniac ( feat. Nyyjerya) 
🔥4. Sumo | Zumo
🔥1.Super Saiyan | Zuper Zaiyan
👎2. Switch it up | Zwitch 1t Up
👎3. Mad I Got it I Mad 1 Got 1t
(would have been fire if you didn’t do that singing thing)
🔥4. Sirens | z1renz (feat. J.I.D)
💤5. Clout Cobain | Clout CO13a1n
🆗1. The blackest Ballon
🔥2. Percs | Percz
👎3. Vengeance
🚒4. Black metal terrorist (I wanted to knock someone out)

Project is solid, had some bumps in there with beat selection or you weren’t meant to be singing on a hook. The rest of the project was dope, production was strong, has his moments where he actually saying some shit.. A nice mix of the new age sound with that Curry seasoning.

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