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East Memphis Maniac – Xavier Wulf

East Memphis Maniac – Xavier Wulf

🚮1. Check it out (*takes deep breath*)
🚛2. Home coming f. Bankroll RICO (fuck me…)
🚛3. Eastside Sliding (feats don’t deserve the tag) 
💩4. Request refused
(should have refused you entry to the studio.)
🚮5. A day routine (we get it you smoke…)
🚮7. Wake walker (“I’m a sleep walker”)
🚮8. Autotune THE SONG (feat. KOH)
👎9. Check it out remix (feat. Skepta)
🆗10. Chaos Castle ( feat. Eddy baker, Chris Travis, and Bones)

This is WAAAAAAACK. Just new age sound over the the same ole starter 808 drum rack in your favorite DAW. Bars are as non existent as the Knicks playoff chances this season, also… how you let every feat involved eat you on your own track… (y’all were still corn fritters tho.)
.001 /10

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