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Son of G rap – KOOL G RAP & 38 Spesh

Son of G rap – KOOL G RAP & 38 Spesh

Son of G rap – KOOL G RAP & 38 Spesh

😱1. Intro (when he told us who cooked this project up…)
🚒2. Upstate 2 queens (My heart)
🔥3. Land mine (feat. Ransom) 
🔥4. Shame ( 38 bruh chill out)
🎥5. G heist ( bruh…)
💎6. Dead or alive ( feat. Cormega)
🚒7. The meeting (I can’t deal with all this heat rn)
💎/⚰️8. Binoculars ( feat. Vado MH, Benny &N.O.R.E) *benny looses his damn mind*
🌊9. Nothing gonna change ( feat. Emanny)
🌊10. Bricks at the pen
🔥11. Flow gods ( feat. Freddie Gibbs & Meyhem Lauren)
🎥12. Heartless ( feat. Dwayne Collins)
🎥13. Honest truth ( feat. AZ)
💎14. Young 1s (feat. Che Noir & Anthony Hamilton)
🎥15. Aborted child ( feat. Dwayne Collins)

This is some of the best Hip Hop I’ve heard in a really long time. I’m seriously mind blown by just the quality of everything as a whole. Every element you want from quality hip hop is there. Raps, barz, story telling and the production is something that needs to heard. It’s legendary. Project needs to be bumped. It’s going to hard to top this one for me rn.
10/10 🤯

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