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The IntroLUXTION – Lucas Lux

The IntroLUXTION – Lucas Lux
The IntroLUXTION – Lucas Lux
🎞️1. Skit 1
💩2. Lux Shot Ya
👎🏾3. Introluxtion
🚮4. Woah Lux, Chill
💤5. Lux in Ya Ear
👎🏾6. Still Lux
💩7. Put Ya Hands Where Lux Can See
🚛8. In Da Lux
💩9. Luxxplosive (This Is The One)
💩10. Free Lux
🚮11. Lux Appeal
🎞️12. Skit 2

If you want to ruin a hip hop heads day, send them this, even individual tracks. Some instrumentals should not be touched, if they are solidified classics, you can barely get away with a freestyle on it. This individual is trying to get away with making full songs (slightly changing the rhythms n such burned into our brains) on RIP’d beats. All disrespect aside (on his part) he also is a word salad specialist, trying really hard to sound cool or slick but comes off like that guy who wears too much cologne, while constantly Dhalsim reaching to fit and find the pocket. Nothing sounds natural, not even the skits. I hope each owner of the classics you ruined sues you.
🐩💩 /10
John D.

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