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Free Game – Jabo & BMG Sunny

Free Game – Jabo & BMG Sunny
Free Game – Jabo & BMG Sunny
🌊1. One of a Kind
👍🏾2. On My Plate
😴3. Deals
👍🏾4. Play With Pots
🔥5. CountDown
👍🏾6. Take a Trip
👍🏾7. My Set
🔥8. Won’t Change
🆗9. Politics
🆗10. 6ix Trap Spots f. Casino

Project is cool, the production makes up most of it. The substance is typical new age stuff nothing crazy and the dynamic between homie trap rappin and the cat singing works. Quality is very clean, only thing is if these cats wouldve came just a bit harder it wouldve been wayyyy better. They almost did just enough to not disrespect the production. Still a good listen tho, in rotation.
John D.

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