Forever – Speech from Long Beach

Forever – Speech from Long Beach


Forever – Speech from Long Beach
?1. Lifestyle
?2. Fuck With You
??3. Dia I Noche
??4. Forever
?5. Call Me In The Morning
?6. Bein Alone
?7. Vibrate (Worst effects ever)
?8. One on One
?9. It Ai0nt Nothing

Project is a very hard listen. Going to come out the gate with the raps are not good, His voice is meh, and hes trying too hard, 0 substance or confidence in his cadence. Production smooth tho. The singing had promise of melody and catchyness but, it was honestly the worst mixing ever. Put some effects on it, just becuase you cant sing, doesnt mean it cant sound good, minus one track with effects, dont use those effects ever again. This has to be his first project because all the quality and polish is missing but the sound and idea shows potential. That being said, overhead pass on this one.
John D.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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