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Certified Fresh – Illvis Freshly

Certified Fresh – Illvis Freshly
Certified Fresh – Illvis Freshly
👍🏾1. Bombshells
🌊2. Runaway Freight Train
👍🏾3. She’s So Fine
👍🏾4. Good Girl
🌊5. Get It On
🌊6. Vibe Wit It

Project is surprisingly pretty fresh, I give it that. Production is all over in a good way, more towards funky and fun, everything just sounds big. My only takeaways were some of the tracks the mix of the raps were a bit muddy so you have to really focus on it to hear it and some of the raps lack in the smooth department, like dudes sound smooth, subject is smooth but finding that pocket was not and some delivery is a lil stiff. Other than that this is def enough to keep me interested but I also feel like if they really try to hit that mainstream quality they can do big things. In rotation.
John D.

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