Pretty Words – Wes Period

Pretty Words – Wes Period

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pretty Words – Wes Period

?1. Darla
?2. Big Bag
?3. Trap StarlU Know How I Pop
?4. L.A
?5. Caterpillar
?6. Wutda Hell
?7. Boof
?8. Tea Cup

Wes put a good album together. It is short and sweet. Songs all give a different vibe and showcase his ability, to glide and flow on a beat, and give diversity. The album gives you just enough to want more but not get bored. Album can get played to relax and vibe out, also can get you in the mood to get up and use the energy you have. Relatable substance for the average listener. Good all around album to listen to. Glade i gave this one a chance and I think others should too.



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