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In Celebration of Us – Skyzoo

In Celebration of Us – Skyzoo

In Celebration of Us – Skyzoo

🔥🔥01. Everybody fine ( all 8:11 of it)
🔥🔥02. Sound like…
👍🔥03. Bakers dozen (feat Raheem Devaughn)
🔥🔥04. Crown Holder
👍🔥05. Heirlooms & Accessories (flow/ beat change is super🔥)
🔥💎06. Forever in a day
🔥🔥07. Remembering the Rest ( feat. WordNCurves)
🆗👍🏾08. The purpose ( feat KAY COLA)
🔥🔥09. Love is Love
🆗👍🏾10. Black Sambo
👍👍🏾11. Park and Recreation ( feat. Saba Abraham)
👍🆗12. Collateral ( feat. Jake&Papa)
🔥🔥13. The Stick up tape from “Menace”
🔥🔥14. Hoodie SZN
🙏🚒15. Honor Amongst Thieves

Skyzoo you came with the heat with this one my friend, you’ve always done hip hop justice but today is the day you set yourself apart from other rappers in the “game”. Huge fan of the jazz influences and it had all the elements for it to be a complete project. If you like real hip hop this is a great listen amongst all the shit hop that’s out there… Welcome to the club.

Been a fan for a minute and every project he proves to me that lyricism, cadence, flow, substance, storytelling and versatility still exist in hip hop. This album is no exception, it all comes together flawlessly. I can’t name a track I do not like or a track he slacked on. If I had to throw something in the face of culture vultures, people who go out of there way to hate boom bap and lyrics, old heads, critics you name it, this would be my weapon of choice. NY Hip hop should be proud. On repeat 2018. Classic.
John D.

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