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Amen – Rich Brian

Amen – Rich Brian

Amen – Rich Brian

🆗01. Amen
🆗02. Cold
🚮03. Occupied
😴04. Introvert” Feat. Joji
💤05. Attention Feat. Offset
🚮06. Glow Like Dat
🆗07. Trespass
🚮08. Flight
💩09. See Me
💤10. Enemies
🔥11. Kitty
🆗12. Little Prince Feat. Niki
👎🏾13. Chaos
🆗14. Arizona Feat. August 08

Album is painfully boring. Zero substance, most of the instrumentals are trash, he sounds like hes rhyming allot of words with a cool flow but thats honestly it. Same tone, flow, trash beats, subject (if you want to call bitches and money one), and none of it is done to a point where its better than any other similar artist out (96% of soundcloud). If its a joke, its not a good one. For young kid type shit this might be the worst and I went into this hyped because Dat Stick and remix was fire. Tragic.

-John D.

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