Culture II – Migos

Culture II – Migos

Culture II – Migos


😴👎🏾🆗01. Higher We Go (Intro)
💤👎🏾🚮02. Supastars
🔥🆗🆗03. Narcos
🆗👎🏾🆗04. BBO (Bad Bitches Only) Feat. 21 Savage
🆗👍🏾🔥05. Auto Pilot (Huncho on the Beat)
👍🏾👍🏾🆗06. Walk It Talk It Feat. Drake
😴👍🏾🆗07. Emoji a Chain
👍🏾🚮🚮08. CC Feat. Gucci Mane
👎🏾👎🏾🚮09. Stir Fry
👍🏾👎🏾🆗10. Too Much Jewelry
👎🏾👎🏾🚮11. Gang Gang
👍🏾🆗🔥12. White Sand Feat. Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign and Big Sean
🆗🆗🚮13. Crown the Kings
😴👎🏾🆗14. Flooded
💤🆗🚮15. Beast
💤👍🏾🔥16. Open It Up
🆗👎🏾🆗17. MotorSport Feat. Nicki Minaj & Cardi B
💤🚮🔥18. Movin’ Too Fast
💤🚮🚮19. Work Hard
👎🏾🚮🆗20. Notice Me Feat. Post Malone
👍🏾🚮🔥21. Too Playa Feat. 2 Chainz
🆗🚮🚮22. Made Men
👍🏾🚮🆗23. Top Down on da NAWF
🆗🚮🚮24. Culture National Anthem (Outro)

Album is boring, cut in half would’ve probably made it more enjoyable but honestly I can’t handle that much of the same shit over and over again. This album is the equivalent to putting a Netflix show that you’ve seen but didn’t love to fall asleep to. A compilation of songs to post selfies videos too in a club surrounded by your circle to make the place look packed. Some are catchy and simple enough to sing to but first listen nothing really stuck in my head. I don’t see this raising the bar of what they represent or even created but it is safe enough to not lower stock. Narcos is the star of this release and 2 chainz needs to feature on every album of 2018. At best album is safe, it didn’t really give me much to want to come back for. A bit too much of the same exact thing for me but I can see the youth vibing with it to vibe and clubs giving it spins. It’s a club album.
– John D.

Mediocrity at its best, personal a Migos fan so my expectations may be higher. but overall it’s a forgettable project. From the features (WHAT HAPPENED GUWOP) to The migos no one brought there A game. Y’all are wack for hyping this trash for so long. Especially cause there so influential in hip hop right now…. Takeoff definitely set himself apart from Quavo and Offset as the best Migo. They should be calling him hancho after this what im calling a overall flop in my eyes. As much as I enjoy Migos… Not My Manz.
– M.

Where do I start, what i thought was going to be a good album from a group that made a name for themselves was a let down. They had all the right parts but could not make it work. They had top producer’s and a list of features that have put out hit after hit. What we got here was no hits. Whats the saying less is more? This is a case where we didn’t need 24 songs because it all sounded the same. Album got boring very quick. Songs that should start to pick up carry out. With Quality Control having a huge line up of albums coming I think they dropped the ball with this album. Has Migos reach their ceiling?
– JP


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