Time – The Game

Time – The Game

Time – The Game

????01. Mind Body and Soul by Woodboy Gee

????????02. Flex by Woodboy Gee

????03. Empire State Flow by Woodboy Gee

????????04. Stunna? by Stunna 4 Vegas & C Stunna

????05. Kirk Cousins by Woodboy Gee

????????06. I Feel Like a Dope Boy by Woodboy Gee

????07. Plug by The Game & Kevin Gates

????08. Rent Due by Chller

????????09. Trap Boy Dreams by Woodboy Gee

????10. Bend a Corner by C Stunna

????11. Mickey Ears by Woodboy Gee

????????12. Control by The Game

Game out here doing hood charity or tryna get his funds or something right legally. This is a hell of a way to release a single honestly, he’s on 2 tracks. This feels like when mid tier rappers from back in the day feed off of new and upcoming artists because of they name, but its them actually dropping a song with them or being on something they are involved in. Chller was the dopest one on here, and Woodboy had moments but when he ran out of steam would jump back in his mainstream verbiage bag. C Stunna is typical “what the white man wants” raps, talking about doing perks and what not. This shit loses points for disappointment, and then loses some for just sounding dusty too as far as cohesive quality and mix. Beats were either meh or solid, and honestly this felt like buying a mixtape off someone in Times Square who was a bit more computer saavy than most. Id pass on this.

Project: 4.9/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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