Before The Album – Hunxho

Before The Album – Hunxho

Before The Album – Hunxho

????01. Ups & Downs

????02. Recording In The Dark

????????03. Do This For Me

????04. Can’t Fall Off

????????05. Hot Topic

????06. Closer To Over

????????07. Y’all Get It

????08. How It Feel

????09. Last Song

This lives up to its name. This is a heat check album before his album. It has the feel of him setting up the atmosphere of what’s to come next. This is by all means new age over autotuned singy raps, but the vibe of it has a bit more darkness and the subject matter seems slightly more realistic than the norm. Production is solid, nothing game changing to this genre but quality enough to not be boring or throw you off. Pacing is simple, it’s pretty much the same song 9 times with some being less annoying than others as far as the effects. Not bad, I can see old heads not asking who this is, but also not asking to turn it off either. Throw this on if you smoke so much weed that you have visible features that show that. In rotation.

Project: 7/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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