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Trapstar Lifestyle – lobonabeat!

Trapstar Lifestyle – lobonabeat!
Trapstar Lifestyle – lobonabeat!
🔥01. star
🔥02. Young Boy f. oygli
🌊03. dAsh!
🔥04. Birthday f. BILL STAX
🌊05. on za
🌊06. Bang Thang f. Roh Yun Ha
🌊07. nnf f. Paloalto
🌊08. Star Love
🌊09. Outro
There is limited amount of english on here, but when I do hear it, its about money, pussy, and drugs. The approach to this tho, I respect it. These youngins need to learn from this, even tho the english on here is damn near hinted, it didnt need it to be a bop. It did the industry word thing, and all that jazz but the focus was on the production, the quality and the sonics. Even dudes delivery had sauce. Then he had his peoples on it bringing in different flavors. The job got done. Blast this at a party and I promise you people will bop, and some might even fake lip sync. No ones turning it off until they realize they have no idea whats going on but even thats not a definite. Im looking for this if I need background music with some bop and crunch. In rotation from Korea.
Project: 7/10 || Art: 6/10 – John D.
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