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Horns N Halos – GB

Horns N Halos – GB
Horns N Halos – GB
🔥01. Enlightenment (Intro)
🔥02. Street Vows f. Celly Ru
🔥03. My Mother’s Prayers f. A-Wax
🌊04. Banksy
🌊05. Back 2 Da Hood
👍🏾06. Big Love
🔥07. Letter 2 Myself
🔥08. Lost Ones f. Acito
🔥09. Rose
🌊10. Keep the Love f. Lil Junior
🔥11. All In It
🔥12. Hometown Hero
Project slides. This telemundo Nipsey Hussle, as in it might not be for everybody but everyone who it is for and who understands it, gonna rock with it. Its a good time, as a whole as far as production, sound, what hes rapping about, its very much his hood. There isn’t anything bad on here but I will say he does what he does a bit too comfortably. Theres legit 1 risk on here that sounds like something his inner child told him to do so im not mad at it, and as far as features they add a nice contrast but nothing really shows him shooting for the stars. Thats not a bad thing he could get away with dropping 4-5 of these a year and most wont complain but I think to really reach new heights some risks or even a bit more styles to his pen could benefit. Spin this one tho because its not only realistically street, its also a vibe, top down music. In rotation.
Project: 7.7/10 || Art: 5/10 – John D.
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