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bag or die – bbno$

bag or die – bbno$
bag or die – bbno$
🔥01. bag or die
🔥02. top gun
🔥03. i see london i see france
🔥04. chipotle
🌊05. touch grass Feat. Yung Gravy
🌊06. let ‘em know
🌊07. piccolo
🌊08. robert patekson
👍🏼09. b to the b
🚒10. deadman Feat. Lil Toe
🌊11. vasectomy
🔥12. mathematics
🔥13. sophisticated
🚒14. e-girl anthem
When seeing the cover, I was iffy on what I was bout to listen to, but when I did, it was dope not gonna lie. This was a master class in word play, creativity and personality being incorporated in delivery. All the beats slap! Very industry sounding production throughout. The pacing kinda left a lot to be desired, since through the middle of the project, many songs started to blend and sound the same. They weren’t bad at all individually, but as a cohesive album it didn’t do good in that department. But throw this whole project in a playlist and put it on shuffle, and the songs stand strong on their own. Features were cool but dude can carry a whole album by himself if he wanted to. If you fuck with Lil Dicky type music, this is for you. I recommend everyone to check it out tho.
7.8/10 – RecklessDWR
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