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Jugg Season – Jay Critch

Jugg Season – Jay Critch
Jugg Season – Jay Critch
👍01. That Was Random
👍02. Cargos
💤03. Punchy
👎04. Minutes
💩05. Nuh Uh
💩06. No Edits
💤07. Tackle
🌊08. Riddle / Greece
👎09. Raincoats ft. 🌊Baby Money
👍10. Oh What A Feeling
🚒11. Still Wavy ft. 🔥Max B
🌊12. tuscan
👍13. Handle
🌊14. Chanel and Paris
🔥15. Missiles ft. 🌊Rich The Kid
👎16. Clutch
💤17. Landslide
🔥18. Shit To Say
😴19. Wrong Person
First off, I’ve never listened to such a mediocre album with such a hot song on it. Jay Critch could have released track 11 as a single and called it a day. This ones a banger. As for the rest of the album, the delivery is confident but robotic. The vocals got painted on the tracks a little hot leading to pops and crackles, and the boy aint really snapping. This is mostly money, clothes and jewelry talk. I’d like someone to count the number of times he says the word “Diamond” and let me know. Seems like the project is trying to be gangster rap without any of the gangster stories, just declarations of swagginess and a lot of missed opportunities for clever wordplay or punches. Beats vary a bit but for the most part they are “Trap Light” with overlying melodies that come off as noisey. This album isn’t bad, but very forgettable.
5.0/10 – Euphonic
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