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High End EP – Johnnie Floss

High End EP – Johnnie Floss
High End EP – Johnnie Floss
🌊01. Here’s Johnnie (Intro)
👍🏾02. What a Feeling
🆗03. Swagg Shop
💤04. Date Night
😴05. Vibes
🌊06. Big Talk f. 🔥Drawzilla
Project is short but has allot of things to be worked out. Best part about it is the closing song mainly because the feature went crazy with the hook on this old school R&B type beat that brought me way back. Outside of that the potential is here, the beat selection has a nostalgic feel to it, and the theme is along those lines as well but where this falls apart is the lead man himself. On the more open 90’s hip hop intro type sound he was rapping but had allot of moments where he was rushing punches and showing allot of unpracticed tendencies. The other tracks he had moments of stiffness in his delivery that could easily be fixed up with removing some words or even adding the right words to develop more flow and enhance the delivery. Its not bad but when everything around the raps is hitting a certain quality, you have to keep up. Its not bad but it leaves allot to be wanted. You can take a song or 2 from this but outside of that, probably best to wait on whats next, see the growth.
5/10 – John D.
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