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Kingdom Come – D.U.K.

Kingdom Come – D.U.K.
Kingdom Come – D.U.K.
🎥01. Intro
🌊02. The Speech
🌊03. D.U.K Family Ties.
🔥04. Kingdom Come
🌊05. Pain
🌊06. It Ain’t Our Fault
🍺07. DJ Drunken Master
🆗08. D.U.K Cashout
😴09. Royalties
🆗10. Crazy Lane
🎚11. DJ Los
🔥12. Big Red Button
👍🏾13. Kev Said We Gone Make It
🌊14. Underdog Kings
🗣15. Outro
👍🏾16. The Speech (Instrumental)
🔥17. The Speech (A Cappella)
Project isn’t bad at all, take off the extra fluff at the end, and throw some money at a way better mix, and this would be that much better. The good is this got all the raps, flows, and aggression you need especially if you work a corporate job and coffee don’t hit the same in the morning. The bad is the mix has no stability, things are coming in hot or coming in low, from the vocals, to the production, giving it that out the trunk mixtape feel. The production on here is also inconsistent, from super dope to type boring, and the rapping sometimes cant save it. Keep the raps features and stuff in they old school bag, but modern up the engineer side and you will easily put out heat. Till then tho this is still solid for a listen. In rotation.
6.9/10 – John D.
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