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3860 – Quando Rondo & NBA Youngboy

3860 – Quando Rondo & NBA Youngboy
3860 – Quando Rondo & NBA Youngboy
👍01. I Swear ft. 👎Lul Timm
🆗02. It’s On
👎03. Casket Talk
🌊04. Give Me A Sign
👎05. Want Me Dead
👎06. Cream Soda
🔥07. No Mercy
🆗08. Loaded
💤09. Can’t Compare
😴10. Trophies
👎11. Keep Me Dry
💤12. Million Dollar Kid
😴13. At The Top
👎14. Heat Tucked
😴15. My Friend
🆗16. Running Away From Home
If I didn’t speak english, this whole album would be heat. This is exactly what the island boys wished they could do. The beats are all sonically pleasing and well crafted, and the cadences are dope, but that’s where it ends. The content is trash. How many songs can you make about having a gun, drinking cough syrup and spending a lot of money. They all end up blending together and coming off as boring. The production and singing is great, but any verse is interchangeable with any other on every song. I know there are a lot of people out there that love this, but they aren’t fans of rap music. Skip this one.
2.5/10 – Euphonic
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