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Mixed Emotions EP – Siya

Mixed Emotions EP – Siya
Mixed Emotions EP – Siya
🔥1. Still
🚒2. Circles
🌊3. Waste My Time
🌊4. DND
🌊5. What Else
🔥6. Together
This a solid 6 piece. This strap on pussy raps. I was here for it, because this wasn’t just vulgar or for some shock value, this felt real, very authentic but also showed the talent. She was rapping, singing, and talking nice. The production was a good time too. For a short project, no stone was left unturned, from the gritty, to the slow emotional one, to the aggressive cat raps, to that super dope ass saxophone track at the end. This is how you put out an EP to test the waters but also showcase the talent. Everyone involved on this really showed up too. Im on board, I wanna see whats next. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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