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Where’ve You Been – JoeyBags

Where’ve You Been – JoeyBags
Where’ve You Been – JoeyBags
🌊01. Dilated (Intro)
🌊02. Such & Such f. The Tane
🔥03. Lifetime
🔥04. Inception f. Cole Pierce
🔥05. Fetish For Finer Things
🔥06. Momma Raised Me Right
🔥07. Know a Guy f. Bobby J From Rockaway
🔥08. Can’t Deny Us
🔥09. Rings f. Bobby J From Rockaway
🔥10. Talk of Town
🚒11. Sun Still Shines f. Michael Fiya
Project is a very dope straight forward hip hoppers project. This a student of the culture putting together something he loves. Every beat chosen with care, every line crafted to get a point across and even the features fit the vibe. It all worked, project started off simple to get a tone across and then goes crazy, it honestly never lets up. Dude can rap, like he can rap rap, like rap rap rap. He mixes up punches, storytelling, and themes effortlessly. This was crafted to show people he’s not fucking around but also to let people know he can fucking rap. I was here for it, if this project doesn’t make you want to pick up a pen or ignorantly rock back and forth in your car, then this is not your genre. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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