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Two-Face Bang 2 – Fredo Bang

Two-Face Bang 2 – Fredo Bang
Two-Face Bang 2 – Fredo Bang
🌊01. Street Lights
💤02. Gianni’s Wish
🔥03. Last One Left ft. 🔥Roddy Rich
🆗04. Goin Blind
👎05. Underdog Hero
🌊06. Brazy ft. 👎YNW Melly
🆗07. Hard 4 U
👍08. Ivy/Hair By Tae
👎09. Talk To Me
🌊10. 4’s Up
🆗11. Like That ft. 👎Rob49
🌊12. Nobody
🌊13. BOP
🔥14. No Love ft. 🆗Sleepy Hallow
🌊15. Federal Raid
🔥16. Paper
🌊17. Proud Of Me ft. 🆗Money Man
🆗18. Throw It Back
🌊19. Fool For Love
This has all the makings of everything I hate about a lot of rap, trappy drums, autotune, and an astonishing lack of bars. That being said, there was nothing terrible about this album. Most of the features fell short but Fredo Bang’s melodic voice paired surprisingly well with a lot of the funk guitar laced throughout the beats. The overall tone of the album really highlights the transition we’ve been seeing from the drug selling culture of the 90’s to the drug using culture of today. It’s a decent blend of stories about coming up from the gutter and flaunting his money. Either way, listening to Fredo Bang, you do get a sense of honesty in his lyrics. I just wish the man got a little deeper with his lyrics, because the effort comes off as cheap and rushed. This joint is middle of the road.
5/10 – Euphonic
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