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Free 03 – 03 Greedo & Mike Free

Free 03 – 03 Greedo & Mike Free
Free 03 – 03 Greedo & Mike Free
🗣01. Intro
🆗02. Took A Little Minute
🌊03. No Free Features f. Drakeo the Ruler
🚮04. Today
🆗05. I Don’t Mean
👎🏾06. Pourin f. BlueBucksClan
🆗07. I Can’t Control Myself f. OhGeesy
😴08. Drop Down f. KenTheMan
👎🏾09. Buss Down
🆗10. WOW
🌊11. Breakfast
👎🏾12. Hype
🆗13. Midnight Love Pt. 2
🚮14. If I Die
Project is strange. You got over autotuned party tracks that just scream Miami strip or even Miami strip club. Then you have lowkey G Funk tracks with that Bay Area splash. Lastly you have these awful recorded in the can or on a can tracks that just pop up on here sounding like dog shit expecting you not to notice. Its a mess. This is a mess, Idk if this was for the streets, the clubs, jail or timelining cats that go to clubs, hit the streets, then get locked up. Either way it is not a good time, way longer than it should be, the features did nothing, the beats could be ok but I was so distracted by the vocals. I did hear potential but not enough to make this like dope. I would pass on this unless you like being sad in public with stacks of money, weapons for safety, while risking pinkeye. The industry plant society can have this one.
3/10 – John D.
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